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MC1128 KeyStone 4" Inline Pneumatic Flange Valve


Keystone Resilient Seated Butterfly Valve with Pneumatic Actuator. Does not appear to have been used. Nice!

Model: 79U-006U-D0000-A00 / Part: 221-952-006-79U-0000 / SN: 79U9702-109123

Key Words: ISC, Keystone, pneumatic actuator


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3" Air Actuated Ball Valve (MC71)


These AT Manuf. valves have one TRIAC and one AutoMax actuators on them. They were recently removed from a factory and are in good condition. Prices vary.

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Misc Valves (MC92)


We have all types of valves - Steam, Liquid, Air Operated and everything in between.  Call Alan with your requirements and we will find the right valve for you.  Prices start at $30.

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